About me

My history

My passion for design began when I was still a teenager but it was not until this year, 2021, when I decided to take another step and dedicate myself to it, making all the knowledge about web design learned in all these years available to the world.

Passion for creating

Because of  the situation we are experiencing where many businesses are lagging behind because they do not have an online presence, I want to contribute and do my bit by lowering prices so that these businesses can be digitized without involving a very high cost.

Working with WordPress

I am an expert in WordPress, the largest CMS in the world. This software allows me total control and flexibility of a website, allowing me to capture, without any problem, the ideas that my clients have in their heads in real life.

How do you I work?

My workflow

I always follow specific steps when working on a project. In this way I make sure that I follow an order to meet all the requirements that the client establishes for their project.

What do I use?


I like to use the best software to carry out my projects, in this way I make sure that there is nothing better that I can use for my clients. These are some of the tools that I use regularly.

Frequent questions


These are some of the questions that I get the most frequently.

When I build a website for a client I include the following:

  • Intuitive use panel.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Installation of the plugins necessary for the proper functioning of the website.
  • Image optimization.
  • Responsive design: Optimization for different devices (Computer, Tablet and mobile phone).
  • Video tutorials for the autonomous management of the client.
  • RGPD: Standard implementation of legal pages and cookie notices (each establishment, if it deems it necessary, must adapt them specifically)

It depends on the type of project and its difficulty, the average time may vary.

In general, a simple website would take between 1 or 2 weeks and a more complex website up to a month (or more).

Anyway, each project is different so get in touch with me and I will give you more precise information.

Once we have talked about the project and reached an agreement, the payment will be made, in advance, of 40% of the total price of the project and once the other 60% is finished.

When the 2 payments have been received, the page, as well as all the keys necessary for access, will be delivered to the client and it will become their property.

Most of the projects are from $500.

But everything will depend on the needs of your project and what you want in terms of design and functionalities.

Write to me telling me what you need and I will make you a more detailed and specific budget.

Because of the situation we are experiencing where many businesses are lagging behind because they do not have a website, I want to contribute and do my bit by lowering prices as much as possible so that these businesses can be digitized without involving a very high cost.

Both the domain and the hosting must be purchased by the customer. However, it can be acquired in 2 different ways:

  • I advise the client and guide him so that he can buy it himself.
  • I take care of the purchase and configuration after payment of these services.

I do it this way since the client can choose one company or another where to store all the content depending on their needs or preference.

For all my projects, both for the domain service and for the hosting, I use GoogleDomains and SiteGround respectively for different reasons such as their excellent technical support, their simple installation and their quality / price ratio.

Yes, I give a maintenance service whose price is $20 per month.

This maintenance includes tasks of:

  • Tools update.
  • Backups.

** This maintenance service does not need to be carried out by me, but the client must be aware that a web page of any kind, made by me or any other person, requires it. However, depending on the project, it will require more or less attention.

At higher than the price of the website, there are annual fixed expenses that can be the following:

  • Website domain: With a cost of 13 euros.
  • Hosting: With a cost of 86 euros.
  • Possible licenses of the tools used (Not all pages require it).

** Annual and indicative prices.

No, it is the client who must provide all the texts and images that they want to put on their website.

If the client does not have this content, I can order it at an additional cost *.

** In any case, the ideal is that the client knows that he wants to put on the website since he is the one who knows the sector to which he is going as well as his needs.

Of course. At the end of the web page I will teach you how to use the web and if necessary I would record a series of videos that you could use if you wanted to make any changes.